Watch a Baseball Game

Did you know that baseball is the number 1 sport in Japan? No? Did you know that right now, the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks have been the strongest team in Japan for the last 3 years?

On May 10th, we showed some of our students what a great experience going to a baseball game in Japan actually is. Going to a game in Japan is a family event, so you will see quite an equal mix of women, men and children watching. Everyone is friendly and there is a great atmosphere in and around the stadium. On top of this there are marching bands to help cheering on everyone’s favorite team, with choreographed dances to match!

After some tense moments, our team won on the night that we watched, which is not only good for the season score but also means FIREWORKS!

Check out our activity page and shout `go hawks` with us the next time too!

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