Fukuoka Winter Wonderland 

Even though Japan’s population is mainly rooted in the religions of Buddhism and Shintoism, Christmas plays has its place in Japanese society as well. Instead of being linked to the birth of Jesus Christ and Christian belief however, it is seen rather as an opportunity to go on a date with your loved one, celebrate with your friends or just exchange gifts with your peers. Christmas trees, festive decoration and illuminations can be seen in most Japanese cities in December, spreading a warm and cozy atmosphere everywhere around. There can, however, be no Christmas without a Christmas market.

Fukuoka has a few Christmas market though the most beautiful one might be in front of Hakata Station. Thousands of LED lights are installed all around the station square, creating a breathtaking feeling of winter and falling snow.

When it comes to booths and attractions, hot wine, a wide selection of food such as sausages and other specialties , sweets, decorations and souvenirs can be purchased. Throughout the event, there are life acts performing on a stage to get everybody in the right mood for Christmas. Western traditions are in perfect harmony with the Japanese festival spirit, spreading a unique vibe of joy, happiness, nostalgia and relaxation.
Ready to visit the Winter Wonderland at Hakata Station?


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