Zoo Visit

today we visited the Fukuoka Zoo. We were 3 apprentices and 1 student.
We left the school at 1 o`clock and took the Bus to the Zoo.
We had bad luck with the weather. It was raining and very windy. The good point, there were not a lot of other people. We took our time walking through the zoo. We started at the Bird cage. It was amazing how close all the animals were. There was even a sign with the picture of a duck that said “i like people”. That was definitely true. He was standing within a 1 meter range. Really cool.
During our visit we saw lots of different birds. Small ones, big ones, colorful ones…  For example owls, eagles, peacocks and flamingos.
We saw some really funny moments, for example a tiger sleeping on his back, really stretched out and his head was just hanging their (see opening picture). Really great. Or a bear falling into his little pond and acting like that was exactly what he had planned.
It was also my first time seeing a rhinoceros. I was really surprised. They sure are big. Not as big as an elephant or as tall as a giraffe (which we also saw) but still big. And dangerous looking.
After half an hour the rain stopped and we enjoyed ourselves even more than before.
Everybody liked the small babies. We saw a really tiny monkey baby and also a baby kangaroo. So cute!
In the end you can say that we saw a lot of great animals (incl. the king – a lion and his wife of course.)
We left the zoo at 3:20 and took the Bus back to school.
It was a nice trip and we had a great time.