Dazaifu Lantern Festival 2016


On Sunday, September 25th around 8 pm, the Dazaifu Lantern Festival 2016 was held in Dazaifu in front of the Tenmangu Shrine. It was the last day of the so-called Jinkoushiki, a ceremony, which is held since 1101. This festival has been also declared a Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Fukuoka prefecture.

In this annual event, also called 千灯明 or “Festival of thousand Candles”, candles and lantern around the lake and bridges of Tenmangu Shrine were lit up. On a small stage a traditional dance (Kagura) was performed by the Miko, Japneses shrine maids, to please the gods.

Due to this festival, many shops also stayed longer open than usual, so you could also shop and eat while enjoying the atmosphere.

Of course no entrance fee was needed, but to get a good place to watch the dance and take pictures, we recommend to go there 20 till 30 minutes earlier.


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