Interview with Jim from Australia

While visiting Nadine’s internship place, we met Jim from Australia. Since he is a former student of Asahi Nihongo, we would like to introduce him as well. Jim will graduate from Art College next month. This is what we talked about with him:

A: “Hello Jim. Thank you for doing this interview with us.”
“So you have done an internship at Japan Center before, right? How was it?”
J: “Good morning. Yes, I did an internship in 2010. It was a great experience.”

A: “What are you going to do after graduating from Art College?”
J: “I want to keep studying, so I’m going to do research as a student at the same college. Next to this, I’ve also kept studying Japanese after leaving Asahi. I have passed JLPT N2 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) by now. It’s the same level as IELTS 6.0.”

A: “Wow! Congratulations! N2 is quite difficult, is it not? Do you think learning Japanese is difficult in general?”
J: “Yes, it’s difficult to learn, especially Kanji can be pretty hard.”

A: “What are your plans for the future?”
J: “I want to work in a job that involves photography and I’m also studying for JLPT N1 now.”

A: “Good luck with that, and thank you for your answers.”
J: “Thanks. You’re welcome.”

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