Is Beethoven famous in Japan?



Which answer is correct?

Q _____が作曲(さっきょく)した「運命」(うんめい)という曲(きょく)は、



2)オリバーカーン(Oliver R. Kahan)




The song called “fate” made by Beethoven is performed a lot in Japan.




作曲(さっきょく, Sakkyoku):      音楽をつくること(composition)

運命(うんめい, Unmei):   決まっている未来(fate)

曲(きょく, Kyoku):   音楽(music, songs)

演奏する(えんそうする, Ensousuru): 楽器をひく((to) perform)


When we want to describe general facts, we use passive verbs.


[subject]+ is/are  passive verb


ex)   Sushi is eaten all over the world.

→ すしは世界中(せかいじゅう)で食(た)べられています。

PokemonGo is played by many people.




<Cultural back grounds>


In addition to the song “fate”, singing “ode to joy” in Symphony No.9 has become a custom to celebrate a new year in Japan.


If you are in Japan at the end of a year, you’ll see how Beethoven’s songs are familiar to Japanese!


<Let’s Try!>


Which song of Beethoven do you like the most?

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