Kanji can be sooo “easy”…

We Germans certainly like to make things easy, only not in our language which is supposed to be the fourth difficult language in the world.
So I was very pleased when I used my personal computer (which we call PC in Germany) last week to write an email to my buddy Kenji. Not only did I discover that PC-kun knew Kanji characters, he knew lots of them and most impressively he knew even more than I do. Whenever I completed a word in my favorite Hiragana he produced lots and lots of really cool Kanji characters to choose from.
Naturally to boast a little I took the coolest and most complicated Kanjis for my email. And I wondered how long it would take Kenji to reply who had mocked me a little because I did not like the Kanji very much before. Demo hazukashiiiiiii …. Kenji did not understand my email very much to say the least.
So he replied after 2 minutes writing that he preferred Hiragana in emails by me.
But I liked the PC-kun’s help so much that I will start to use just a little more Kanji characters in the future.