Public Transport in Fukuoka 

If you’re visiting Fukuoka, you most likely want to know the cheapest way to get from A to B.
There are several services of public transport. We will show you the most common ones and explain how they work.
The most convenient service to use is the train (電車) and subway (地下鉄) network. Fukuoka has two central subway lines in the city-center and a train network that connects the city to all smaller towns and villages in the area. Buying a ticket is fairly easy and the procedure is even the same for both train and subway. There are ticket counters located near the entrance of every station. You can choose between buying a single ticket or charging your prepaid card, if you have one. Above every ticket counter, you can find a map showing all destinations and the respective prices from your current station. After you have have bought a ticket, just slide it into the entrance gate and it’ll come out on the other side of the gate; take it and you’re good to go. To leave a station, just repeat the aforementioned procedure; your ticket will disappear and you can pass through the gate. Tickets range between ¥200 and ¥400, depending on how far you wan to go.

Fukuoka has a bus (バス) network as well. It takes a little longer than the subway but is really cheap to use. Just enter the bus through the back door and take a ticket from the small orange box next to the door. The ticket has a number, indicating the station you got on the bus. The fee for each station is shown on a screen in the front above the wind shield. When you leave the bus, pay in the front at the driver’s seat – throw the appropriate fee together with your ticket into the small box next to the driver. Bus rides are paid with coins only. If you are out of coins, there is a money exchanger next to the driver’s seat as well. Buses are really cheap to use; you can get from Tenjin to Hakata for just ¥100!

Have fun exploring the city!

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