sausage in my hand luggage

We Germans like the sausage a lot, not only the Eisbein (pork chop). So when I came to Fukuoka the last time I brought a present for my friend Andreas. Wanted to bring or tried to bring in the end as you will see, that is.
OK I went to my favorite butcher in my German hometown and there I bought two of the finest liver sausages … of course pasteurised, sterilised, free from any germ anyone in Germany could ever ever know of (and maybe you are aware that we Germans are experts here … the german doctor Robert Koch invented tuberculosis about 120 years ago).
So since I had one sausage in my hand luggage, somebody at the check in control at the airport in Germany mistook it for dynamite so it had to stay at the ground. (Failed to explode though afterwards I think).
And the second sausage which I had dutifully declared on the little customs form before landing in Tokyo did not pass customs. Hazukashiii ….. With a facial expression that clearly showed that this particular officer had never ever seen liver sausage before or/and deemed it unfit for consumption by any decent human being, I was told that I could not make this present. Plus I could also not bring the big Italian salami I had bought as a second gift … kawaiiiisooo ….
But when I was in my favorite suupaamarket in Fukuoka the next day after my arrival looking around in the meat section although I did not find a good liver sausage there was the fine Italian salami. So somebody had somehow succeeded in smuggling this sausage to Japan – luckkkky …..