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Kanji lesson at Asahi Nihongo 

Yesterday, the students of Asahi Nihongo studied a topic that is mandatory if you plan to master the Japanese language: Kanji. The topic of this Kanji lesson was “family”, including parents and siblings. Kuriyama Sensei drew them on the whiteboard

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Vocabulary list #003: visiting friends

If you made friends in Japan, you’ll most likely be invited to their homes as you get more familiar with each other. Besides the tradition that you bring a small present if you have been invited and visiting somebody’s home

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Vocabulary list #002: shops and stores

When you’re visiting Japan, you’ll be surprised by its shopping possibilities. You can literally get everything, especially in cities like Tokyo Osaka or Fukuoka, the variety of goods, department stores and shops is gigantic. In the following list we will

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Vocabulary list #001: Restaurants

  The Japanese kitchen is extremely diverse and so is its restaurant landscape. There are thousands of places to visit and food to try, but if you’re lacking Japanese skills it can become a challenge and a struggle to get

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Mini lesson #001: dates and weekdays

Today we’ll take a look at weekdays and dates in Japanese. They’re irregular but quite important if you want to state the date of a meeting or plan something, so you got to remember them. Monday 月曜日げつようび Getsuyōbi Tuesday 火曜日

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