Vocabulary list #003: visiting friends

If you made friends in Japan, you’ll most likely be invited to their homes as you get more familiar with each other. Besides the tradition that you bring a small present if you have been invited and visiting somebody’s home for the first time, there are some words and phrases that are commonly used and really useful to know about. As usually, we will list them up for you so you are prepared and ready to visits your new friends. 


友達 ともだち tomodachi friend
家 いえ Ie home, house 

ドア doa door

入る はいる hairu to enter 

窓 まど mado window 

庭 にわ niwa garden

ようこそ youkoso welcome 

スリッパ surippa slipper

プレゼント purezento present

料理 りょうり ryouri cooking,meal

テレビ terebi TV

戸棚 とだな todana shelf,cupboard 

ベッド beddo bed

音楽 おんがく ongaku music 

晩御飯 ばんごはん bangohan dinner

お酒 おさけ osake alcohol 

映画 えいが  eiga movie 

台所 だいどころ daidokoro kitchen

お風呂 おふろ ofuro bathroom

トイレ toire toilet 

居間 いま ima living room 

時間 じかん jikan time

遅い おそい osoi late 

帰る かえる kaeru going home 
お邪魔します おじゃまします

Ojama shimasu 

“I am disturbing” 

This phrase is used when entering somebody’s house or apartment

Tsumaranai mono desu ga 

“This is a boring/dull thing”

This phrase is used when handing over a gift for the person that invited you 


Otetsudai shimashouka?

“May I help you?” 

This phrase can be useful if you want to help the host cooking or preparing snacks for you or other guests 

Toire ha doko ni arimasuka?

“Where is the toilet?” 

Self explanatory 

Watashi ha sorosoro kaerimasu

“I guess I’m going home now” 

A good way to state that you’re about to leave


Omotenashi kurete arigatou gozaimasu

“Thanks for your hospitality”

Have fun visiting your friends and spend a good time with them ! 


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