11 Reasons Why Japanese Konbini Are Super Useful

If you stay in Japan, your closest Konbini (コンビニ) will surely become one of your best friends. In the following list, we will show up what makes the market’s concept so extremely useful.

1. Avoid getting wet in the rain
All Konbini chains offer umbrellas close to the entries and exits. On rainy days they are available in front of the register, so you can’t miss them.

2. You can connect
Most Konbini chains offer free and fast wifi you can use in case you don’t own a Japanese SIM card .

3. You definitely won’t starve
There is a bunch of different food you can buy at a Konbini, ranging from Japanese snacks like Onigiri to frankfurters, ice cream or chips.

4. You can pay your bills
In Japan, electricity, water and gas bills can be payed directly at the Konbini. You can also withdraw money if you need to.

5. Dressing up
You can buy white business shirts or standard T-shirts at most Konbini. If you have dropped coffee on your shirt, you don’t have to make a fool out of yourself in the next meeting.

6. Fresh and clean
Konbini offer any hygiene product you can ask for, from lotions and shampoos to toothbrushes, condoms or even straightening irons.

7. Well-informed
You can find numerous magazines and newspapers at every Konbini to keep up-to-date with current events.

8. Entertainment
Konbini offer Manga as well as gift cards for games etc. Just drop in before going on a flight or a long train journey.

9. Waste separation
If you need trash bags for separating your trash, you can buy them at the Konbini, too.

10. Morning coffee
Didn’t have the time to brew coffee at home? No problem! Most Konbini offer fresh coffee so you won’t fall asleep on a Monday morning.

11. A toilet
If the urge is too strong and you cannot make it back home in time, it is great to have toilets in every Konbini.

As you can see, a Konbini offers numerous services and its biggest advantage is that all of the above is available 24/7 and there is mostly one store close to you.

Visit a Konbini and take a look. You’ll be surprised about its usefulness.


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