Let’s play! Game Centers in Japan

Game centers or Gēsen (ゲーセン) are hugely popular in Japan. They usually offer an enormous variety of games, reaching from arcade classics like “Street Fighter” and “Mario Kart” to extremely challenging rhythm-based games. You can race cars, fly spaceships, battle all kinds of enemies or just play a fun round of air hockey with your friends in almost every game center.

Furthermore, larger centers provide an even bigger range of leisure activities, often including bowling, Karaoke, Purikura and more.

In recent years, the popularity of sports centers (スポッチャ) has increased remarkably. Nowadays, those can often be found included into a game center. You can now play basketball, badminton, soccer, and even train your batting and pitching skills in almost every game center!

Game center chains offering those activities are for example Round One and Taito Station, which can be found in most Japanese cities including Fukuoka.
Trying out all the fun games in a game center is far more fun than reading about it, so let’s go for some games!
We recommend the game “Taiko no tatsujin” (太鼓の達人), a rhythm-based game that allows you to play popular songs from Anime and games on a traditional Japanese drum.

Have fun and don’t forget to change your money to 100 yen coins!