Interview with Franziska

Franziska was working at UNIQLO in Germany before coming to Japan. Now she is doing an internship at Obei Business Center. We talked to Franziska about the internship and her stay in Japan:

A “Hello Franzsika. Would you mind telling us a bit about your stay in Japan?”
F “Sure, I’d love to.”

A “First, could give a short presentation of yourself”
F “My name is Franziska. I’m 23 years old and come from Berlin, Germany.”

A “What got you interested in Japan?”
F “When I was 16 years old, I met a Japanese in my hometown, who came to Germany to study. That impressed me pretty much and since I was already watching Anime and reading Manga and had a basic interest in Japan, I decided to go to Japan myself one day.”

A “What would you like to do in Fukuoka?”
F “Well, I really want to go sightseeing and travel to many different places.”

A “What is your favorite Japanese food?”
F “I love Sushi.”

A “Thank you very much for answering our questions, and we hope that you will have a great time in Fukuoka.”
F “Thank you. You’re welcome.”

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