Open a Bank Account

Bank Account

If you would like to live in Japan for longer period, you will definitely need the following three items:

– Inkan (seal),
– Residence Card,
– Bank Account.

We went to the post office to open a bank account yesterday. In Japan, the bank operated by the post is the most useful one. You can withdraw your money anywhere in Japan without having to pay a commission fee. Before you open your bank account, you need to get an Inkan and your residence card. Without these, you will not be able to open the account. The Inkan will replace your signature in Japan most of the times, so when you need to submit official documents, you must use it as your signature.
Talking about Inkan, most of foreigners use it with their name in Katakana, although it is also possible to do use Kanji. You just need to prepare your own Kanji for your name. 🙂

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