Cheese! Purikura Photo Sessions

Purikura (プリクラ) is the short version of the term “Purinto Kurabu” (プリント倶楽部) and a huge commercial success in Japan. Thousands upon thousands of Japanese teenagers take a myriad of photos in pink and fancy print-out photo booths as you are reading this article. Developed by the famous game and hardware company Sega, creators of “Sonic the Hedgehog”, the first purikura machines were sold in July 1995 and have since been an important factor in creating interest in photography and stickers in Japan’s youth.

Purikura is cheap, easy and fun to use – just throw in around ¥300, get in the booth with all your friends and pose and joke around. After leaving the photo booth, you can edit the photos with stickers, effects and writing on a nearby terminal, which is often attached to the booth. After you have decided on your best poses, the photos will be printed and you can cut them with the provided scissors. Share this nice little memory of a fun day with your friends!

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