Relaxation in Itoshima

Looking for relaxation? Itoshima (糸島市) might be perfect for you.

If you’re planning a nice, long stroll on the beach, the city of Itoshima is the perfect day trip destination for you. Being located in the Western part of Fukuoka Prefecture, Itoshima can be reached in 20 minutes by car or 45 minutes by bus, which departs from Tenjin station.

Due to the fact that Itoshima is more of a countryside city, it is less crowded than the Momochi beach-side in Fukuoka and a lot cleaner when it comes to the coastline.

The city had an estimated population of 100,304 in 2011, making Itoshima 15 times smaller than Fukuoka City, the prefecture’s capital.
With a promenade deck reminiscent of Hawaiian beaches, filled with restaurants, bars and a big Torii built into the waterline at the beach, Itoshima is a paradise for surfers, beach lovers and everybody who enjoys nature and long sunset walks.

The modern city of Itoshima was established on January 1, 2010, after the merger of the cities of Maebaru, Shima and Nijo, which were both already towns of the Itoshima district.
The weather forecast predicted sunshine for next week, so you should definitely take a walk at one of Japan’s prettiest beaches!

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