Interview with Michael

Today, I would like to interview Michael. He is a new student at our school.

A “Hi, Michael! I have some questions. First, could you tell me how old you are and where you come from?
M “I’m 23 years old now and I come from Germany.”

A “Why did you come to Japan?”
M “I came to Japan to learn Japanese, and I am really interested in Japanese culture.”

A “Really? What are you interested in about Japanese culture especially?”
M ” I’m interested in food and houses.”

A “Really? What is your favorite Japanese food?”
M “I like all kinds of noodles. Ramen is the best. I like “Tonkotsu Ramen””

A “I see. Ramen is also one of my favorite. What do you want to do in Fukuoka?”
M ” I want to visit Beppu in Otita! A hot spring is famous there. I also want to study Japanese and work here.”

A” Sounds good. That’s all. Thank you so much.”

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