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Soon, the weather in Fukuoka will get a lot more sunny and warm. Spring is certainly the most enjoyable season for traveling: the Esther isn’t too humid and people everywhere are in a good mood as soon as the first

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Fukuoka Airport 

If you travel to Fukuoka by plane, you will find yourself at least once at the city airport. That alone makes it worth to take a look at. Let’s talk about Fukuoka Airport today.(福岡空港) The Fukuoka airport, formerly known as Itazuke

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Kei car

Did you ever get the feeling that most cars in Japan look kind of boxy and cubic? Like rolling boxes, trying to be as space-efficient as possible? That’s because in japan there is a breed of cars that is supreme

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Yes you read that right, today we will talk about Seoul. Of course, in the first place this blog is all about Japan: we introduce our readers to Japanese food, culture, services and activities. Nevertheless, in the first place though,

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Capsule Hotel

There’s a type of hotel that can only be found in Japan. Of course, this could also be an article about traditional Ryōkan but today we want to talk about a modern trend caused by the overpopulation of city areas

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We have introduced Fukuoka Castle before, but as you know it is just a ruin nowadays. The closest intact castle to visit from Fukuoka is the Kokura Castle in Kitakyūshū. The city does offer a lot more than just the

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Isn’t there missing a piece…? – Fukuoka Castle and its history 

The castle of Fukuoka (福岡城) is located in the heart of the city inside Maizuru Koen, a hillside park that is directly connected to the bigger Ōhori Park. The castle was originally built by Kobayakawa Hideaki (小早川 秀秋) in 1588,

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Nishi Park

Nishi Park Fukuoka

When speaking about parks in Fukuoka, the first name you will probably hear is Ōhori. That is no surprise since the Ōhori park is famous for its idyllic atmosphere and strolling paths. On the other hand, due to its popularity,

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Japanese Restaurant Guide for Travelers

Japanese restaurant guide

When I first came to Japan, I was more than impressed by the sheer number of restaurants, food trucks and diners that can be found everywhere around a typical Japanese town. Of course, there are local specialties you should definitely

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The eye above Fukuoka 

Fukuoka Tower

Nikken Sekkei had officially created a landmark when the construction of the Fukuoka Tower was finished in 1998. After 14 months and roughly $50 000 000 spent, Japan’s tallest seaside tower was completed. With a height of 234 meters and

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ヤフオク!Yafuoku! – The brand behind the home of the Hawks

Yahoo!’s answer to eBay is one of Japan’s most successful online marketplaces. Yahoo! Auctions, as it is called outside of Japan, was set up by Yahoo! in 1998 as a no-fee alternative to eBay, which already had a remarkably numerous

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