Interview with Nadine

We visited one of our interns, Nadine from Germany, at her internship place:

A “Hello Nadine. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.”
N “Hi. I’m not busy at the moment, so it’s fine.

A “Why did you come to Japan?”
N “I wanted to spend some time abroad before going to university. I thought Japan might be a good destination and the culture is so fascinating. I don’t regret my decision.”

A “Was there a reason for why you chose Fukuoka in particular?”
N “I wanted to do an internship during my stay, not only a language course. Asahi Nihongo was the only school that offered exactly what I was looking for. In short, because of Asahi Nihongo, I have decided to come to Fukuoka.”

A “We are very happy to hear that. Thank you! You have been in Fukuoka for a couple of months now. How do you like the city?”
N “Yes, I’ve been here since last October. Fukuoka is a great city and it’s easy to live here. Compared to Tokyo, Fukuoka is definitely the more comfortable place and I think that people here are not as busy as in Tokyo.”

A “How is your internship at Japan Center going?”
N “I really enjoy working here. Everyone is really kind and helps me a lot. The best thing is that I get the opportunity to see Japanese students and help them practice English.”

A “What are your tasks?”
N “My main tasks involve speaking to and helping the Japanese students.”

A “Were you able to improve your Japanese through the internship?”
N “I was able to meet many Japanese people working here and that really helped me to improve my Japanese skills.”

A “Have you learnt any Hakata-ben during your stay?”
N “Some people sent me messages in Hakata-ben and I always get confused because I can’t understand it.” I haven’t learnt any myself yet though. I only know “Dokoikuto?(Where are you going?)”.

A “Nadine, Thank you for your answers!”
N “You’re welcome.”

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