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IKKYU Premium Japanese tea About IKKYU  Unique choice, oustanding tea quality and convenient worlwide delivery : IKKYU brings you an amazing tea selection of Kyushu, Japan, directly from the farmers. The best of Yame Gyokuro and Sencha, Kamairicha from Miyazaki and many other teas just

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Calligraphy class 

Today, the students of the Asahi Nihongo school had the opportunity to take part in a calligraphy class. Calligraphy is an art that is deeply interwoven with Japanese history and culture. The perfect execution of drawing Japanese letters is much

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Japanese sports 

This week, the Japanese study group learned about Japanese sports. After discussing which sport is most popular in Japan, which clearly is baseball, the group focused on sports that are Japanese inventions with deep roots in the country’s history.  After

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JLPT preparation course

Asahi Nihongo provides a JLPT Preparation Course for N1, N2 and N3 from May 8th, 2017. The course is for students who already have previous knowledge of the Japanese language. With only 2 to 6 students per class, you will study in a relaxed atmosphere. The test preparation textbook is easy to understand, and you will do lots of practice with test sheets, test questions and CD’s.

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Lolita Fashion Dinner 

This Saturday one of our students presented the Lolita fashion collection she has been working on for the last months in an Atelier in Daimyo. The student finished her internship at the fashion atelier, the show was her final graduation

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Japanese slang 

In yesterday’s Japanese study group session, the students were introduced to Japanese slang words that are popular among teenagers and younger Japanese people. After a few example sentences, the students were able to use the words freely, creating their own

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Shopping in Fukuoka 

The topic of today’s Japanese study group was shopping in Fukuoka. Everybody told the group what he or she purchased lately and the students discussed matters such as clothing, food and other things to buy and where in Fukuoka to

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International parlor game event 

The students of Asahi Nihongo came up with a really good idea during today’s study rehearsal: in order to connect with other students of the school, including Japanese students who study foreign languages, the students would like to invite you

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The Japanese study group 

At the Asahi Nihongo school, we offer a free study group that you can attend even if you’re not a student!  The study group is a good possibility to speak Japanese in an attentively environment that will help you to

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A Japanese CV

As everywhere else in the world, if you want to apply for a job in Japan, the most important document is your CV. Your CV is basically a piece of paper that tells your future boss who you are and

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Japanese business cards 

Business cards are playing a much bigger role in the business world as they do in the western world. They are extremely important and the way you treat them implies how you will tread the person from which you received

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There are a lot of Japanese companies that actually influence western everyday life. One of those companies certainly is Casio, as their iconic square timepieces and watches can be seen on people’s arms all around the world. Let’s have a

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Fukuoka University 

Fukuoka is not only the biggest city on Kyūshū, it’s also the home of one of Kyūshū’s best universities. The university of Fukuoka is known throughout the country and has a reputation of being extremely modern and top notch when

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Japanese Newspapers

Even though Japan has the reputation of a Hightech country, print media such as magazines, comics and newspapers are still around and popular all over the country. Let’s take a closer look at Japanese newspapers or Shinbun (新聞). Japanese newspapers

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Love hotel 

Living space is a resource that is lacking in most Japanese cities. Apartments are small and the walls are thin, making the protection of the own privacy quite a difficult task. However, there is a solution for couples, who want

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